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NuvesseMD™ skin therapy serums deliver proven ingredients deeper into the epidermis without disrupting the stratum corneum. Our proprietary Cellulation Technology™ transports ingredients with a hydrophobic to hydrophilic micelle action into the epidermis for deeper penetration and more noticeable results.

biocellulose masks

Biocellulose Masks

Our novel delivery system delivers higher concentrations of beneficial ingredients to target skin concerns in the epidermis. Biocellulose masks, infused with a full 35mL of serum, offer an easy option for both in-office and at-home treatments.

serum rollers

Serum Rollers

Daily serum rollers offer a convenient, targeted application during morning and evening skincare routines or even on the go. They extend the results of the mask treatment and create noticeable, enduring results.

Easily integrate NuvesseMD into your practice

The NuvesseMD skin therapy portfolio addresses a broad array of patient concerns and offers a unique way to link your medical aesthetic services with your retail skin care offering. NuvesseMD skin therapy serums complement in-office procedures and easily integrate into your existing skincare recommendations.

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