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The Science

Cellulation Technology ScienceOur Story

Innovation always requires fresh thinking. That’s why we developed our patented Cellulation™ Technology in collaboration with physicians, scientists and chemists. Over six years, this diverse team of experts leveraged proven wound healing science to create a collection of more effective skin therapy serums. Now, after rigorous clinical testing, this new level of treatment is available to you.


science-cellulationCellulation™ Technology

Skincare researchers have long understood that the skin’s tough outer layer is a barrier to effective skin rejuvenation, often preventing beneficial ingredients from penetrating to the deeper layer of the skin where they are needed most. Breakthrough Cellulation™ Technology allows the ingredients in our serums to travel through the outer layer and deliver more nourishing ingredients to the layer where collagen and elastin form. These clinically proven skin therapy serums offer a remarkable improvement in the appearance and radiance of your skin.

Two Ways to Use NuvesseMD

NuvesseMD's unique delivery systems infuse more proven ingredients into the skin's deeper layer for noticeable results that last.

Biocellulose Mask

Our masks are made of a material called biocellulose, derived naturally from coconuts. Soft, strong, and absorbent, each facial mask applies 35mL of skin therapy serum, the equivalent of a full bottle of serum, in under an hour. The mask gently adheres to the natural contours of your face for a secure, comfortable fit.

Anytime Serum Roller

The results of regular mask treatments are supplemented by a daily application of our serum roller as part of your regular skincare routine - or whenever you need targeted delivery of our proven ingredients. Our serums, featuring Cellulation Technology, are packaged in portable, convenient roller vials for easy application.

Clinical Results

These before-and-after photos* show the immediate results derived from NuvesseMD mask treatments. The green marks indicate skin imperfections, such as fine lines and wrinkles. Notice the improved texture and wrinkle reduction in the "after" photo. Results from NuvesseMD serums are visible immediately, and the cumulative results from using both the mask and roller treatment together combine to help you achieve lasting and even greater improvement.

Patient achieved a 22% reduction in wrinkles 24 hours after applying one Serum No. 21 Crow's Feet + Fine Lines eye mask.

Patient achieved a 23% reduction in wrinkles after applying two Serum No. 5 Deep Hydrating face mask treatments in a 48 hour period.

Patient achieved a 20% reduction in wrinkles 24 hours after applying one Serum No. 5 Deep Hydrating face mask.

Patient achieved a 28% reduction in wrinkles 24 hours after applying one Serum No. 21 Crow's Feet + Fine Lines eye mask.

*Captured at Premier Clinical Resarch using Canfield's VISIA® Complexion Analysis system, 2014

Method of Action

Thanks to our Cellulation Technology, your skin's supportive structures are nourished and sustained for long-term improvement where it matters most. With a formula for every skincare concern – from dry skin to crow's feet – it's easy to choose the option that's best for you.

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